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Efficient way to store FilePath

Currently I have a table with the following format/Desc:

ColumnName ColID PK IndexPos Null DataType
ID 1 1 N VARCHAR2 (1 Byte)

As you can see the length of ID Column is only 1 Byte we can store only 36 different file paths. I have more than 35 different file paths that has to be stored and retrieved. I know increasing the length of ID solves the issue but I want to also know/suggestion that is there any Efficient way to handle this.


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The assertion that you can store only 35 different values in the table is incorrect, because varchar2 characters are not limited to letters and digits (even if they were you'd have 26 letters + 10 digits + 1 empty string = 37, not 35 possibilities).

If you need to store few more paths, say, 40 or 50, you could make your keys mixed case, so 'a' and 'A' would reference different paths. This would instantly give you 26 extra possibilities.

Expanding past the limit of 63 is a little harder, because you need to bring special characters into the mix. However, the theoretical maximum for a single character is 256 plus one combination for an empty string.