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Linux Question

xterm fails under WSL: not enough ptys

Having just updated to the newest Windows 10 release (build 14316), I started the Windows Subsystem for Linux, which is supposed to run an Ubuntu installation on Windows.

When I type

in terminal I get error:

xterm: Error 32, errno 2: No such file or directory
Reason: get_pty: not enough ptys

What's the problem?
I would like to install KDE konsole, it will work?

Answer Source

Windows Subsystem for Linux doesn't (yet) have a working pseudo-terminal (pty) implementation. Programs that need to create one (like xterm, but also konsole, screen and rlwrap) will invariably fail with ENOENT ("No such file or directory")

see also: rlwrap could not open master pty

EDIT: as of june 9 2016, and build 14361, this problem appears to have been solved (see the comments on Microsofts github). Can someone please confirm?

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