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Parsin JSON with JAVA when there is a random KEY name

How do I convert some JSON to a POJO when I don't know the name of a key?

This is my POJO:

public class Summoner {

private Details summonerDetails;

public Details getSummonerDetails() {
return summonerDetails;

public void setSummonerDetails(Details summonerDetails) {
this.summonerDetails = summonerDetails;


The Details class have variables like id, name, etc. -> No issues here

This is the line in my Main class where I try to map the JSON to a POJO:

Summoner test = new ObjectMapper().readValue(json, Summoner.class);

this is a JSON response example I receive:


if my POJO Details member variable name is "randomName", above code will work. but when I get a response with a different name than "randomName", it doesn't. How do I make my code work for random names?

I'm using Jackson

I'm sorry I can't make a little more clear my issue.

Answer Source

I have solution using not only jackson API but with the use of org.json API also.

String str = "{\"randomName\":{\"id\":22600348,\"name\":\"Ateuzz\",\"profileIconId\":546,\"summonerLevel\":30,\"revisionDate\":1378316614000}}";
JSONObject json = new JSONObject(str);
Iterator<?> keys = json.keys();
    String key = (String)keys.next();
    Details test = new ObjectMapper().readValue(json.getJSONObject(key).toString(), Details.class);


Here i have use another JAVA Json API to convert your string into jsonObject and than iterate it to get your first key value and map that to your class Details.

I assume that your json format is same as you have mention in your question.

May this will help you.

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