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IMAP server won't response

I try to create an IMAP client using sockets.
I successfully connect to server and receive welcome message but when trying to login and sending logging information(username and password) server won't response. Here is sample of my code:

b_send = send(client_socket, "a1 LOGIN username password", strlen("a1 LOGIN username password"), 0);
if (b_send < 0)
perror("ERROR in send");

printf("Sent, waiting for response.\n");

bzero(buf, BUFSIZE);
b_rcv = recv(client_socket, buf, BUFSIZE, 0);
if (b_rcv < 0)
perror("ERROR in rcv");

printf("Echo from server: %s", buf);

It print out "Sent, waiting for response." and nothing happens. What am i doing wrong?

Answer Source

You never sent the required "\r\n".

See section 2.2.

All interactions transmitted by client and server are in the form of
lines, that is, strings that end with a CRLF.

Also, why would you repeat your string like that? Put it in a variable.

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