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Sort list by given order of indices -Python

I have a list of lines read from a file. I need to sort the list by time stamp (in UTC), however the time stamp is not always at the beginning of the string. I have parsed out the time stamp using regular expressions and place them into a separate list. The indices of the two lists will match. Once I sort the list of time stamps, I can get the order of indices.

Is there a way to apply the same order of indices to the original list of lines? The result should be the sorted list of original lines.



listofLines = ['log opened 16-Feb-2010 06:37:56 UTC',
'06:37:58 Custom parameters are in use',
'log closed 16-Feb-2010 05:26:47 UTC']
listofTimes = ['06:37:56', '06:37:58', '05:26:47']
sortedIndex = [2,0,1]

Answer Source

I think you could do

[line for (time,line) in sorted(zip(listofTimes, listofLines))]

But if you have (or could write) a function to automatically extract the time from the line,

def extract_time(line):
    return time

you could also do


or if you want to keep the original list intact,

sorted(listofLines, key=extract_time)
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