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Problems with WinSCP with end-of-line style on Ubuntu Linux when using SVN Diff

My files are on a remote Ubuntu Linux server. When I download the files and edit it in either the WinSCP text editor or Notepad++, the file end-of-line style changes to Windows. So when I resave the file back to Ubuntu the lines are off and SVN Diff thinks every line has changed.

FYI, I edit the file by double clicking the file in WinSCP. This program launches the file in the editor. Every time I save, the file is automatically copied back to the Linux server.

How do I prevent the end-of-line style issue?

Answer Source

I wasn't able to figure out why I had the whitespace issue but I was able to figure out how to ignore whitespaces.

You can use: svn diff -x'-uw --ignore-eol-style'

This worked well enough.

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