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Default values for Laravel 5.4+ blades new components?

Laravel 5.4+ allows for components of the following structure:

<div class="alert alert-{{ $type }}">
<div class="alert-title">{{ $title }}</div>
{{ $slot }}

Which are called like:

@component('alert', ['type' => 'danger'])
oh no

Is there a shorthand or blade marker to set default values for the variables passed in?

For example, in the above, if I don't pass in "type" I get a
undefined variable
error. I could do something like:

<div class="alert alert-{{ isset($type) ? $type : 'default' }}">

But the above feels verbose, especially if the variable is used in multiple spots.

Answer Source

I don't think it does.

Having said that blade has the or operator that wraps the isset() call (see docs).

<div class="alert alert-{{ $type or 'default' }}">

If you're running php 7 this is a case for the Null coalescing operator.

<div class="alert alert-{{ $type ?? 'default' }}">

Both will make your call site tider.

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