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Javascript Question

Check if a given DOM element is ready

Is there a way of checking if the HTML DOM element/s for a given selector/element are ready yet using jQuery or JavaScript?

Looking at the jQuery api for the ready function it looks like it can only be used with the document object. If ready cannot be used for this purpose is there another way of doing this?


//do something when all h1 elements are ready

Obviously I could use

//do something when all h1 elements are ready

But if all the h1's load first then the code specific to h1 elements will only execute after the whole document is ready even though it could actually execute earlier.

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Edit 2012 The live method is deprecated as of jQuery 1.7.0. The .on() event is now recommended for attaching event handlers. This replaces .bind(), .delegate(), and .live().

See the docs: http://api.jquery.com/on/

Original Answer

i think jQuery .live() event might be what you're looking for.

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