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Angular2 filtering checkboxes

I have an Angular2 grid that contains an array of Fabrics. These Fabrics have properties such as color or fabric Type. Right now the grid has them all displaying. I need to some how have a series of checkboxes for the color and fabric type with the amount occurring next to it. The grid displays the filtered Fabrics only after a button of apply filter is clicked. However when a checkbox is selected the other checkboxes counts change.


enter image description here

Can someone provide some insight as how to best go about this? I have all the data for now. Would I create a pipe or a filtering service, or have a form?

** MODELS **

An ProductConfigurationOption is an overall parent of an option choice. Ex. Fabric is an ConfigurationOption.

A configuration-option-choice is a specific fabric such as Tan Chenille. A individual ConfigurationOptionChoice has many OptionChoiceProperties.


import { ProductConfigurationOptionChoice } from './product-configuration-option-choice';
import { IProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties } from '../Interfaces/iproduct-configurator-option-choice-properties';
import { IProductConfigurationOptionChoice } from '../Interfaces/iproduct-configuration-option-choice';
import { IProductConfigurationOption } from '../Interfaces/iproduct-configuration-option';

export class ProductConfigurationOption implements IProductConfigurationOption {
public ConfiguratorID: number,
public OptionID: number,
public OptionName: string,
public OptionDescription: string,
public OptionSortOrder: number,
public SKUPartOrdinal: number,
public ProductConfigurationOptionChoice: IProductConfigurationOptionChoice[],
public OptionChoicesProperties: IProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties[]
) {



import { ProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties } from '../Models/product-configurator-option-choice-properties';
import { IProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties } from '../Interfaces/iproduct-configurator-option-choice-properties';
import { IProductConfigurationOptionChoice } from '../Interfaces/iproduct-configuration-option-choice';
export class ProductConfigurationOptionChoice implements IProductConfigurationOptionChoice {
public OptionChoiceID: number;
public OptionID: number;
public OptionValue: string;
public OptionChoiceName: string;
public OptionChoiceDescription: string;
public SKUPart: string;
public ImageURL: string;

public SortOrder: number;
public PriceOffset: number;
public OptionChoiceProperties: IProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties[];
constructor( ){


setOptionChoiceProperties(optionProperties: ProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties[]) {
this.OptionChoiceProperties = optionProperties;


import { IProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties } from '../Interfaces/iproduct-configurator-option-choice-properties';
export class ProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties implements IProductConfiguratorOptionChoiceProperties {
public OptionChoiceId: number,
public PropertyId: number,
public Name: string,
public Value: string
) {


Currently I am trying to get the OptionChoiceProperties and get the count of them and make them checkboxes. Then trying to figure out how to dynamically change the amounts OptionChoiceProperties when a filter is applied.

Answer Source

You can use a pipe to filter your array of items

filter pipe

@Pipe({name: 'fabricType'})
export class FabricTypePipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(fabrics: any[], fabricTypes: string[]): any[] {
    if (!fabricTypes || fabricTypes.length === 0) return fabrics;
    return fabrics.filter(fabric => fabricTypes.includes(fabric.type));


<div *ngFor="let colour of fabricColours">
  <input type="checkbox" [(ngModel)]="colour.selected" />{{fabrics | fabricType: types | countColour:}} {{}}

<div *ngFor="let fabric of fabrics | fabricType: types">{{}}</div>

Where types can be static e.g.['weave','phur'], a variable (array) or a method (which returns an array).

To count the number of items you can use also use a pipe

count pipe

@Pipe({name: 'countColour'})
export class CountColourPipe implements PipeTransform {
  transform(fabrics: any[], colour: string): number {
    if (!fabrics || fabrics.length === 0) return 0;
    return fabrics.reduce((count, fabric) => fabric.colour === colour ? count + 1 : count, 0);

Gif showing the counts changing

enter image description here

Live plunker example

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