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How to handle stdout from command like "with open() as f:" in python

I am trying to stream large files over ssh, and can currently stream raw files just fine; as in:

with open('somefile','r') as f:

tx is a higher level class instance that I have that can stream just fine this way, but I want to be able to use commands like
, and
to stream as well. What I need is:

with run_some_command('tar cfv - somefile') as f:

This would take stdout as a stream and write to a remote file.
I've tried doing something like:

p = subprocess.Popen(['tar','cfv','-','somefile'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

but to no avail...
I've been googling for a while trying to find an example, but no luck so far.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Answer Source

I think that the only issue is the .readall() method, that does not exist.

You can use to read the entire contents of stdout:

p = subprocess.Popen(['tar','cfv','-','somefile'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
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