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Hazelcast does not populate ReplicatedMap at node startup

This is the code with ClusterStorage being our code which wraps


public ClusterStorage clusterStorage() {
Config config = new Config();
String mapName = "cluster-storage";
ReplicatedMapConfig mapConfig = config.getReplicatedMapConfig(mapName);


HazelcastInstance instance = Hazelcast.newHazelcastInstance(config);

return new ClusterStorage(instance.getReplicatedMap(mapName));

When I change the map while both nodes are up the change is replicated but when I change the map on node n1 and then start the second node n2 the state from n1 is not replicated and n2 node has empty map.

I suppose this should work, right ?
What might be wrong?

Answer Source

I managed to do it. My findings:

The problem was combination of version 3.7.1 and 3.5.5 comming from dependency management in Maven's pom.xml. We were not aware that Spring Boot's imported dependency management also defines hazelcast artifact with different version which in turn might have caused imcompatible libraries to be on the class path.

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