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Python Question

How to execute query in Odoo-8 from Python?

I have the following function in the class


def onchange_evalID(self):'SELECT date FROM hr_evaluation_evaluation where id=119')

Note: I'm just giving
in the query for testing purposes.

When I give %H:%M:%S")
it works fine and changes the value of field
when the value of field
changes. Again for just testing.

What I really need is to execute a query similar to what I mentioned. However when I execute this query nothing is printing on the
field. When I check the log I see this warning:

WARNING db_name openerp.models: Cannot execute name_search, no _rec_name defined on hr_evaluation.evaluation

I tried checking online why this warning, but got no help. Am I doing something wrong? How exactly can I execute query from within


As Hardik said, cr.execute() doesn't return directly you result. You need to fetch the values from the cursor after executing the query. Try like this:

def onchange_evalID(self):'SELECT date '
                               'FROM hr_evaluation_evaluation where id=119')
    self.deadline =[0]