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passing custom php.ini to phpunit

How to pass a custom php.ini to phpunit?

The source uses


instead of


so unfortunately it doesn't use values set by ini_set, -d option etc.

Only way to pass the value now is to use an additional php.ini. How do I pass that into phpunit?

Gory details:

I tried passing in with -d

phpunit --filter testgetdesc -d SIEF_VALIDATOR_DOC_ROOT="htdocs"
--configuration tests/phpunit.xml tests/configHelperTest.php

public function testgetdesc() {
echo get_cfg_var("SIEF_VALIDATOR_DOC_ROOT")."---test---";

It simply echoes "---test---"

The reason is this uses ini_set as well:


case 'd': {
$ini = explode('=', $option[1]);

if (isset($ini[0])) {
if (isset($ini[1])) {
ini_set($ini[0], $ini[1]);
} else {
ini_set($ini[0], TRUE);

Also in the phpunit.xml, I have

<ini name="SIEF_VALIDATOR_DOC_ROOT" value="bar"/>

which doesn't work [and I don't expect it to].

Answer Source

-d should work because get_cfg_var reads those:

$ php -d display.errors2=1 -r "echo get_cfg_var('display.errors2');"

To pass a custom ini setting (or alternatively the ini file with -c <file> to phpunit), invoke it configured:

$ php -d setting=value `which phpunit` <your params>

See as well: php --help, http://www.phpunit.de/manual/3.6/en/appendixes.configuration.html

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