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retrieve data from database and show them in bar chart using MPAndroidChart in android

I know how to show the raw data in bar chart using MPAndroidChart but I got problem in real scenario. I have some data in my sqlite database and I want to show them in bar chart. Please give me some reference or simple example.

Database table has two columns month and some numbers. eg: Jan = 200, Feb = 300, etc.

I have searched many but could not find the right one. They were either 2-3 years old or not the type as I mentioned.

Thanks in advance.

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Here is the answer to my question. these are two methods to store the x-axis data and y-axis data in arrays.

public ArrayList<String> queryXData(){
    ArrayList<String> xNewData = new ArrayList<String>();
    String query = "SELECT " + DAILY_DATE + " FROM " + TABLE_DAILY_FRAG;
    Cursor cursor = mSQLiteDatabase.rawQuery(query, null);
    for (cursor.moveToFirst(); !cursor.isAfterLast(); cursor.moveToNext()) {
    return xNewData;

public ArrayList<Float> queryYData(){
    ArrayList<Float> yNewData = new ArrayList<Float>();
    String query = "SELECT " + DAILY_TOTAL + " FROM " + TABLE_DAILY_FRAG;
    Cursor cursor = mSQLiteDatabase.rawQuery(query, null);
    for (cursor.moveToFirst(); !cursor.isAfterLast(); cursor.moveToNext()) {
    return yNewData;

this is another method to show the barchart. Call this method in your activity.

private void addData(){

    ArrayList<BarEntry> yVals = new ArrayList<BarEntry>();

    for (int i = 0; i < mExpenseDB.queryYData().size(); i++)
        yVals.add(new BarEntry(mExpenseDB.queryYData().get(i), i));

    ArrayList<String> xVals = new ArrayList<String>();
    for(int i = 0; i < mExpenseDB.queryXData().size(); i++)

    BarDataSet dataSet = new BarDataSet(yVals, "expense values");

    BarData data = new BarData(xVals, dataSet);

    LimitLine line = new LimitLine(12f, "average daily expense");
    YAxis leftAxis = barChart.getAxisLeft();

    barChart.setDescription("The expenses chart.");


If you found this helpful, let me know.

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