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Dynamic variable in URL in AngularJS

I have an Angular app which has several dynamic fields, each of these fields are changed updated based on config which comes from a backend database.

In order to control what config is used I need to dynamically switch a single variable - I've decided that the URL is the best way to set/switch the variable as there need to be multiple permutations of the site based on the URL so:-


I'm looking for some guidance as to whether this is the best way to do it and what the best way to do it would be? I'm struggling as I don't want to have to set each route for each section like this
etc etc. Ideally the core module checks it and sets it but the routing ignores it so
becomes the root.

Hope that makes sense, thanks in advance for your help.

Answer Source

I ended up doing this by using ui.router and nesting states within an abstract parent state which held the client, like so :-

.state('rootClient', {
            abstract: true,
            url: '/:client',
            templateUrl: 'app/layout/layout.html',
            controller: 'Layout',
            controllerAs: 'layout',
            noClient: false,
            resolve: {
                client: function ($stateParams, ClientService) {
                    return ClientService.getClient($stateParams.client);
.state('rootClient.home', {
            url: '/homepage',
            views: {
                'content': {
                    templateUrl: 'app/homepage/homepage.html',
                    controller: 'Homepage',
                    controllerAs: 'home'



This way all the routes are under the parent route, I also added a resolve to make sure the client exists before moving to the route. Hopefully this will help someone else down the line.


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