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disable nfs pruning in vagrant

most recently (not sure why) vagrant (1.8.1) started asking for a root password.
however at work no root privileges are given to us (no sodoer)

I am looking for a way to tell vargant to stop the nfs pruning all together

sadly the documentation does not say how to modify this particular flag and I don't know ruby much
the code gives away that there should be a flag but can't figure out to put the "false" in there

I intend to disable NFS or skip that part all together. so both would be welcome.

my starting point is my


Vagrant.configure('2') do |config| :nfs_prune => false

error message is:
Pruning invalid NFS exports. Administrator privileges will be required...

PS: no, I do not use nfs in my shared folders

Answer Source

you should be able to disable by using the config.nfs.functional = false

functional (bool) - Defaults to true. If false, then NFS will not be used as a synced folder type. If a synced folder specifically requests NFS, it will error.

vagrantfile can be loaded from multiple sources, see LOAD ORDER AND MERGING

Vagrant actually loads a series of Vagrantfiles, merging the settings as it goes. This allows Vagrantfiles of varying level of specificity to override prior settings. Vagrantfiles are loaded in the order shown below. Note that if a Vagrantfile is not found at any step, Vagrant continues with the next step.

  1. Vagrantfile packaged with the box that is to be used for a given machine.
  2. Vagrantfile in your Vagrant home directory (defaults to ~/.vagrant.d). This lets you specify some defaults for your system user.
  3. Vagrantfile from the project directory. This is the Vagrantfile that you will be modifying most of the time.

As you mentioned you already check point 3 and 2, check the Vagrantfile from the particular box (if any)

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