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How to parse xml effectively in javascript

I have a big xml structure. I am interested in certain xml structure like below. I need to extract img tags only and the value of the src attribute if they are inside coral-card. I was trying to use regex to get coral-card enclosing tags with a regex and then use regex with the coral-card tags to get to the img tag and the content.

var regex = /<coral\-card ((.|[\r\n])*?)<\/coral\-card>/g;

Is there a way to use anything after I have got the specified xml content containing coral-card tags like below. I don't want to use regex after this as I think it should be possible to get the img tag and src attribute value using jquery or javascript function.

<coral-card variant="condensed" data-timeline="true" stacked>
<img src="/content/dam/collections/3/3qtVFsGwnDVKpZ6H_SaM/lightbox.folderthumbnail.jpg?width=240&height=240">

<coral-card variant="semi-condensed" data-timeline="true" stacked>
<img src="/content/dam/collections/3/3qtVFsGwnDVKpZ6H_SaM/small.folderthumbnail.jpg?width=240&height=240">

Answer Source

DOMParser and xpath are very easy to use for parsing xml. You can do something like:

const DOMParser = require('xmldom').DOMParser;
const xpath = require('xpath');

let parser = new DOMParser();
let doc = parser.parseFromString(<your xml>);
let document = doc.documentElement;
let coralCards ='<path>/coral-card', document);

See xpath docs for all of the ways you can extract nodes out of an xml blob.

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