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How do I test Braintree + Apple Pay on a real device?

I am developing an app using Apple Pay for a US Client from outside the US. I am using Braintree + Apple Pay. We support real credit cards to Passbook, but we can't verify them.

I successfully generated a client token,

and tried BT's both ways of integration.

  1. BTPaymentProvider - Our abstraction on payment method creation.

    if(self.braintree && ![self.braintree isKindOfClass:[NSNull class]])
    self.provider = [braintree paymentProviderWithDelegate:self];
    if ([self.provider canCreatePaymentMethodWithProviderType:BTPaymentProviderTypeApplePay])
    self.provider.paymentSummaryItems = @[[PKPaymentSummaryItem summaryItemWithLabel:@"XXXX" amount:[NSDecimalNumber decimalNumberWithString:@"1"]]];
    [self.provider createPaymentMethod:BTPaymentProviderTypeApplePay];

    but its not pushing "
    ". No exception too to track it down.

  2. PassKit - Apple's ApplePay APIs.

    if([PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController canMakePayments]) // It returns TRUE
    PKPaymentRequest *paymentRequest = [[PKPaymentRequest alloc] init];
    paymentRequest.countryCode = @"US";
    paymentRequest.currencyCode = @"USD";
    paymentRequest.merchantCapabilities = PKMerchantCapabilityEMV | PKMerchantCapability3DS;
    paymentRequest.merchantIdentifier = MERCHANTID;
    paymentRequest.supportedNetworks = @[PKPaymentNetworkAmex, PKPaymentNetworkMasterCard, PKPaymentNetworkVisa];
    paymentRequest.paymentSummaryItems = @[ [PKPaymentSummaryItem summaryItemWithLabel:@"TEST" amount:[NSDecimalNumber decimalNumberWithString:@"1"]] ];

    if([PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController canMakePaymentsUsingNetworks:@[PKPaymentNetworkAmex, PKPaymentNetworkMasterCard, PKPaymentNetworkVisa]]) // Returns FALSE
    PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController *vc = [[PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController alloc] initWithPaymentRequest:paymentRequest];
    vc.delegate = self;
    [self presentViewController:vc animated:YES completion:nil];

    This gives "vc" is

Correct me, if it's wrong. How do I test it on a real device?

Answer Source

It's likely that your app's Apple Pay entitlement is not set up correctly.

I've noticed canMakePayments returns YES and canMakePaymentsUsingNetworks: returns NO when the entitlement is not set.

(I've also noticed that they can both return YES when the merchant ID you set on your PKPaymentRequest does not match the merchant ID of your Apple Pay entitlement. In this case, your PKPaymentAuthorizationViewController will be non-nil, but presenting it logs a cryptic error in the console).

So to verify that Apple Pay is configured for your app, ensure that "Apple Pay" is "On" in the Capabilities section of your target settings, and that it has a merchant identifier (which you'll need to set up if you haven't already).

Then either:

  • If using your BTPaymentProvider integration method, ensure that the certificate and merchant identifier are correctly set up in the Braintree control panel.
  • If using your direct PassKit integration method, ensure that you are setting merchantIdentifier property to the matching merchant identifier in the entitlement.
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