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jQuery Question

How to get responsive Divs for Mobile

I'm struggling with the one section of my site, in order to get it fully responsive for mobile devices etc. The rest of the site is great its just this section:

The site is:
The divs im referring to is the blocks and right side content under OUR SOLUTIONS.

I have the blocks

.left2 {width:60%}
and right side content
.right2 {width:40%}
but obviously that isnt enough as you can see when viewing on mobile.

Please can someone assist.
Thank you!

Answer Source

I think the float:left causes your problems with responsive layout. Remove it from .right2, and then give both .left2 and .right2 the style display:inline-block.

The rest is good as far as I can see. There's no margins, and you use border-box, so that looks good.

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