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Does PyPy work with asyncio?

Does PyPy support the aio and Python 3.5?

I need the performance of

and asynchrous code of
. Also I need to use
in my code. Is that possible?

If so, what are the nuances?

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The PyPy3 version from the website is very old and only implements Python 3.2 - we haven't done a release for over one and a half year. Because Python 3.2 is missing the yield from feature, asyncio won't work with this version.

Asyncio can be installed on Python 3.3. The PyPy3 support for Python 3.3 is almost finished and we'll do a release at some point in the next months. You could try a nightly build, which unfortunately is expected to only work on 64-bit Ubuntu 14.04, or build PyPy from source (make sure you update to the py3k branch before building), which should work on most Linux distributions.

The async / await feature was added in Python 3.5. We started a PyPy3 branch with Python 3.5 support, but it's still got a long way to go.

EDIT: Previously there was a feature missing to run asyncio. It was implemented shortly before this edit. The answer was edited accordingly.

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