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Choosing react component's type at runtime in JSX

I have a react app in which I'd like to choose the type of component at runtime. I'm using ES6 and JSX.

Here's my code:

import Canvas from '../components/Canvas'
import CanvasTextbox from '../components/CanvasTextbox';


export default class CenterPane extends React.Component {


render() {
const canvasKids = [];

//for (var i = 0; i < 1; i++) {
// canvasKids.push(<CanvasTextbox key={i} id={'CanvasTextbox1'} />);

for (var i = 0; i < 1; i++) {
let kid =[i];
let CanvasComp = kid.type; // evaluates to 'CanvasTextbox '
canvasKids.push(<CanvasComp key={i} id={} />);

return (





When I refer to the component by name, (as in the commented
loop), it works. However, if I try to use the name from a variable, it doesn't.

I tried assigning the name to a capitalized variable, as guided in the docs, but still nothing.

My canvas component indeed has the child, but it's not a react component, as seen in this react devtools screengrab:

enter image description here:

The component is not rendered on the canvas at all.

Please help. Thanks

Answer Source

Whatever you use as JSX "tag" has to resolve to a function (lowercase names representing HTML tags are the exception). If kid.type resolves to a string, then it doesn't work.

You'd have to build a name => component map first:

const components = {

// ...

let CanvasComp = components[kid.type];
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