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Android calling AsyncTask right after an another finished

I have some problem with Android AsyncTask. There is an Activity which contains some TextView a button and a picture. When an user entered this activity I start an asynctask to check whether the user can go toward from the activity (until the task not finish the button not active). Then I want to start another asyntask to get the picture.
So I made an inner class:

AsyncTask<String, Void, JSONObject>() authTask = new AsyncTask<String, Void, JSONObject>() {
protected JSONObject doInBackground(String... params) {
//call the rest api
protected void onPostExecute(JSONObject result) {
// check the result
// and make another asynctask
AsyncTask<String, Void, Bitmap> imageTask = new Async.... {
// get image

and I call
from the UI thread.

I have a bad feeling about this, especially it seems doesn't work (it's ok few times but suddenly it "freeze": no exception just hanging and the progress bar is spinning. Nothing happens and the button won't be active.)
There is another way to get an information and when it's finished immediately start another task?

I working with api level 10. In authTask I get some information which is needed to start imageTask (some id) so I have to call these tasks in a row. In api level 10 it's is possible?

Thanks in advance!

Br, Peter

Answer Source

you can use getStatus() checks whether the the AsyncTask is pending, running, or finished.and when finsh start your new task.like:

if(authTask .getStatus() == AsyncTask.Status.PENDING){
    // My AsyncTask has not started yet

if(authTask .getStatus() == AsyncTask.Status.RUNNING){
    // My AsyncTask is currently doing work in doInBackground()

if(authTask .getStatus() == AsyncTask.Status.FINISHED){

example for your app:

btn.setOnClickListener(new View.OnClickListener()
    public void onClick(View v)
        if (authTask != null && authTask.getStatus() == AsyncTask.Status.FINISHED) {
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