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Objective-C Question

Why do I need to use the @property keyword in objective-c?

Say that I have the following public methods on my class:

- (BOOL)finished
return _finished;
- (void)setFinished:(BOOL)aValue
_finished = aValue;

Do I also need to set finished as a property on the class:

@property SomeClass *finished;

I may have misunderstood
, but to me it seems like I am repeating myself.

  • Should declare both methods and a
    or just one of them?

Answer Source

By declaring a @property, the LLVM compiler will automatically "synthesize" your accessor methods (getter and setter), as well as an instance variable (ivar), denoted by an underscore prefix (_finished, for example)

In your case there, because you aren't doing anything special with your accessors (you are just directly reading/writing to the backing ivar), simply declaring a @property will do the trick. You won't need to write the -finished and -setFinished methods

If you do not declare @property, you'll have to declare your ivar

@property also you are working with a member variable of an object, and as user @Sulthan says in the comment, each class holds a list of @properties that can be searched

And another good point by the same user, @property makes your accessor methods atomic, which protects your ivar from being read while it's being written

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