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page-break/webkit-region-break not working in chrome anymore?

I'm trying to make Chrome work with page-break for printing. I've found multiple topics here, and tried a lot of possible solutions, but non of them worked for me.

The topic's i've tried:

Google Chrome Printing Page Breaks,
Page-Break-inside property is not working in chrome, CSS Page-Break Not Working in all Browsers

And more..

I've created a jsfiddle to show what i've got for code:


(can't post without code: CSS which is used)

@media print {
.pageBreak {
page-break-after: always;
-webkit-region-break-after: always;
height: 2px;
display: block;
float: none;

.topinfo {
-webkit-region-break-inside: avoid;
-webkit-region-break-after: always;
page-break-after: always;
page-break-inside: avoid;

.blockTitle {
page-break-after: avoid;
-webkit-region-break-after: avoid;

.leftPix, img {
-webkit-region-break-inside: avoid;
page-break-inside : avoid;


Why does Internet Explorer print the page as i want, and why does Chrome print the page with the second row of colored blocks on 2 pages?

Answer Source

Make sure the element with page-break-after: always; is a block element. Another selector might be changing it to inline-block or something else which would prevent the break from being applied.

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