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Javascript Question

jQuery hide function works with "button" and "span" but not with "a" element

I am working on a website for an academic project and I just encountered a pretty weird problem. I have searched but was unable to find anything similar.

I have a form that I hide/show (jQuery functions) using some buttons. And it works perfectly. But i also want to display this form when the user clicks on a link (html

element). The problem is that when I click on the link the form appears and disappears very quickly. It works perfectly if I replace the
element with a
or a
For information I use
as a templating engine to create my HTML.
Here is an example of the jade:

a#edit(href="") #{} // it is the link the create the problem

button#edit(href="") #{} // but like that it work very well

And here is how I hide my form with JavaScript

$('#edit').on('click', function(){

edit: the solution

$('#edit').on('click', function(e){

Answer Source

I think you need to add (if not present) the code to block the default behavior of the a tag

return false;
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