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I can't submit my app to appstore due to icon error

I prepared everything to my app to be submitted to the app-store. I have add all the icons required and i created bundle id and everything is ready to go.

Whenever i validate my app, and i click submit to the app-store I'm getting two errors you can see them in the screenshot below now almost three hours i could not figure out what is the problem since this is my first app to be submitted to the app-store any help please?enter image description here

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I would recommend you to delete all icon images from your project and then insert them again a second time. Seems like xCode has a problem with the reference to your icons.

Furthermore you should check your images.xcassets folder where all AppIcons will be inserted. You should be sure to insert the correct picture with the correct size in the right place. Sometimes xCode lets you insert wrong pictures too but will produce a warning instead of marking the wrong in the asset screen.