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Adjusting the querystring/URL in Node's request module

I am using the npm request module to make a request within an Express.js application to an internal API. I am passing the following options to the


requestOptions = {
url :
method : "GET",
json : {},
qs : {
lng : longitude,
lat : latitude + '/predictions'

The latitude and longitude parameters will change depending on user input and so can not be hard coded.

An example of a URL I wish to make the request to is,-122.277858/predictions

Unfortunately, the result of
request(requestOptions, callback)
is that the request is made to

I know from the documentation that I can adjust the separator from
, and also that the
I manually appended to
can be properly sent if I add the attribute
qsStringifyOptions : {encode: false}
. But appending
manually the way I did feels wrong to begin with, and I still have the difficulty of the remaining format -- namely, removing the
, the initial ? from the query string.

Is it possible to somehow change the querystring options to suit my needs, or is it possible that the request package is not what I want?

Answer Source

if[lng],[lat]/predictions is what you want then lng & lat are not querystring parameters, but part of the URI path. You can skip the querystring entirely and change your requestOptions to:

requestOptions = {
    url: '' + lng + ',' + lat + '/predictions',
    method: 'GET',
    json: {}
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