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Correct use of CSS :not selector for excluding element when in particular container

I am styling a series of pages of which I have no control of their markup, and it is presenting some unique challenges. The styles are based on a design mockup that I was given and therefore there are instances of- for example- h2 elements that must look different than other particular h2 elements in order for the design to be adhered to.

Currently, I am trying to apply some styling that should affect most h2 elements, but not h2 elements which appear within a div with the class "block". How would the CSS selector look in this case? I went out on a limb and tried this, but was correct in assuming it wasn't quite right.

h2:not(.block h2) {
~styling for main h2 elements~
.block h2 {
~separate styling for h2 elements within .block div~

Can someone shed some light? Thanks!

Answer Source

You can try this:

h2 {...}

.block h2 {...}
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