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Python Question

Select values of one array based on a boolean expression applied to another array

Starting with the following array

array([ nan, nan, nan, 1., nan, nan, 0., nan, nan])

which is generated like so:

import numpy as np
row = np.array([ np.nan, np.nan, np.nan, 1., np.nan, np.nan, 0., np.nan, np.nan])

I'd like to get the indices of the sorted array and then exclude the
. In this case, I'd like to get

I've come up with the following way to do this:

vals = np.sort(row)
inds = np.argsort(row)

def select_index_by_value(indices, values):
selected_indices = []
for i in range(len(indices)):
if not np.isnan(values[i]):
return selected_indices

selected_inds = select_index_by_value(inds, vals)

. However, this seems like quite a few lines of code to achieve something simple. Is there perhaps a shorter way of doing this?

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Another option:

# array([6, 3])
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