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Can I set a ModelClass in one UIViewcotroller and read the ModelClass' object from another UIViewCotroller using swift3 iOS?

I'm trying to learn to make use of ClassModels in swift3, since I couldn't find a proper tutorial to understand the basic concept, I referred to too many sites and succeeded in creating a model class and setting values to the model class' objects from a sample parsed JSON value.

My model class is,

import UIKit
import SwiftyJSON

class TrainObject {

var towards: String!
var lastUpdated: String!
var delay: String!
var trainName: String!
var lastLocation: String!
var trainNo: String!
var upcomingStationInfo: String!

required init(json: JSON) {

lastUpdated = json["lastUpdated"].stringValue
trainName = json["trainName"].stringValue



Now from ListViewController(UIViewController)'s viewdidload, I parsed JSON from a URL using Alamofire and set the resultant to the model class using the code,

if let results = json["info"]["trainData"].array {
for entry in results {
self.items.append(TrainObject(json: entry))

let user = self.items[0]

Further from the ListViewController's tableview delegate, I got the array values one by one to be loaded in the tableview like,

let user = self.items[indexPath.row]

Now on tableview selection, I can pass appropriate value to another UIViewController named DetailsViewController using the usual code. My question is, is there a way to access the model class(TrainObject) directly from the DetailsViewController and then with the selected indexpath.row value, obtain the appropriate array? or should I pass the array itself from tableview's didselectrow method? I get confused here Can you please explain what's the real use of model class? How and where should I actually use it?

Answer Source

You should fetch the item from array when user select a particular item on the tableview. And get the instance of the DetailViewController and pass the selected item to that instance.

For Example :

class DetailViewController: UIViewController {

   var selectedTrain : TrainObject?

  override func viewDidLoad() { 
    if let selectedTrain = selectedTrain {
       // Selected train not nil.


class ListViewController: UIViewController, UITableViewDataSource, UITableViewDelegate {

    func tableView(_ tableView: UITableView, didSelectRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
        let selectedTrain = self.items[indexPath.row]

        let detailViewController = // Fetch the instance from Storyboard 

        detailViewController.selectedTrain = selectedTrain

        //Push the detail view controller or present it modally. 


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