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how to send mail dynamically in business catalyst?

I am working with Adobe business catalyst.
I have created a web form with multiple fields and among them three fields are dynamic from "Web Apps".

There is a field named "Select Location". With every location ,"email address" will be attached with data-value. When user select particular location, a default BC email will be send to the "email address" attached to selected location.

How to perform this task? please help in sorting out this issue.

Answer Source

Try this and let me know

You can create a whole new form, hide it and set that form to send emails on submit, and submit it when the first form is submitted. Then pass the email value as below.

    $(document).ready(function() {
        var dataLoc = $('select.location').attr('data-value-email');
        $('form.hidden').val() = dataLoc;
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