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How to add Labels to Bootstrap dialog footer

Need to add

label on footer of
. according to this tutorial can add only buttons in footer area.{
title: 'Default Title',
message: 'Click buttons below.',
buttons: [{label: 'Title 1'}, {label: 'Title 2'}]

Answer Source

I think you can handle that with CSS if you are familiar with, the aim is it will always be a button but with a "label" style, something like this :

  1. Add a css class for each 'label' you want :{ title: 'Default Title', message: 'Click buttons below.', buttons: [{ label: 'Title 1', cssClass: 'buttonAsLabel1' }, { label: 'Title 2', cssClass: 'buttonAsLabel2' }] });

  1. Declare the Css classes the same way as the related Bootstrap label

.buttonAsLabel1 {..} .buttonAsLabel2 {..}

should worked ^^

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