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Javascript Question

How to take span value from website which stores data dynamically using JavaScript

I am new to this so could anyone point me to the right direction?
I have a JavaScript file by which i want to take the value of a span from a website. Now the website dynamically refreshes the span every 1 second. I am using Java (Eclipse) to fetch this data. When i try to take the span value from website, it gives me no values because the span uses JavaScript to store these values. I already asked this question and i will drop a link below. So all i want to know is, how to take this data dynamically using JSoup. Someone commented on my last post saying the JavaScript might be querying a web service and to find that code. But i could not find the code and i don't know what to do next.

Here is the link to my last question: Fetching Dynamic Website Data Using Java

Here is the link to the website which stores data i want in a span named "id=spot" (Basically numeric numbers of stock):

And finally here is the link to the JavaScript file of the website which have all the functions:

Please help me as i am very new to this and i have spent more than 2 days trying to find the answer with no luck.
Thank you in advance


This site is using WebSockets to retrieve the data from server to show in the client:

var onLoad = function(){
        trading_page = 1;
            onmessage: function(msg){
                Message.process(msg); //this function is updating that sppan
            onclose: function(){

So you can not see the data in downloaded HTML with JSOUP. You need a UI-less Browser in java like HTML-UNIT.

But the preferred and more reasonable way is to use the API of the site.