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Jekyll default installation doesn't have _layouts directory

So I followed the guide on the Jekyll website by installing and running Jekyll (sure I don't have to post this here). And the site is up and running perfectly but for some reason I don't see the

directory that's supposed to be there. In the pages I can see that it references some layouts i.e:


layout: default

<div class="home">

layout: page
title: About
permalink: /about/

This is the base Jekyll theme.

But when you look at the directory stucture of the project:

enter image description here

No layouts folder.. what's up with that? Everything works though. And it looks perfectly fine when run on localhost.

Answer Source

You must be running the recent Jekyll version 3.2, which introduces Gem based themes (from

Jekyll themes package layouts, includes, and stylesheets in a way that can be overridden by your site’s content.

The theme is set in _config.yml:

theme: minima

Initial files that were previously in _layouts, _includes, and _sass are now packaged with the theme.

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