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Set price using selection from dropdown menu

How can I set the price of items using

menu lets say I have a dropdown menu with cars and trucks and depending on what the user picks the prices will vary how can I set the price of each one and update a box containing the price of each item.

<p><b>Truck: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><select id="states" name="states" size="1">
<option>Please Choose</option>
<option value="F150">F150</option>
<option value="Ram1500">Ram1500</option>
<option value="chevy">chevy</option>

</select><br /></p><p><b>sports car: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b><select id="states" name="states" size="1">
<option>Please Choose</option>
<option value="mustang">mustang</option>
<option value="charger">charger</option>
<option value="camaro">camaro</option>

</select><br /></p>

Answer Source

Add extra attribute for price uzing data-* attributes, then on change get the value of this attribute and show it in the price field :

$('body').on('change', '#trucks', function(){
  var selected_truck_price = $('option:selected', this).data('price');
<script src=""></script>
  <b>Truck: &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</b>
  <select id="trucks" name="trucks" size="1">
    <option>Please Choose</option>
    <option data-price="150" value="F150">F150</option>
    <option data-price="1500" value="Ram1500">Ram1500</option>
    <option data-price="2000" value="chevy">chevy</option>

Price : <input name='price' id='price'/>

Hope this helps.

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