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How to debug angular protractor tests in WebStorm

There is a way to run and debug protractor web-tests in WebStorm.
I just want to share this answer here

Answer Source
  1. Get the node path (Type which node in your terminal)
  2. In the WebStorm: Click on "Edit configurations" - the dropdown to the left of the "Run" button (green arrow like a "play" button)
  3. Click on the "Add button" (green +) to add a new Node configuration. Select "Node.js"
  4. Fill the params:

Node interpreter: Full path to Node.js (from step 1)

Working directory: home directory for the protractor tests.

Javascript file: Full path to node_modules/protractor/lib/cli.js

Application parameters: Full path to protractor-conf.js

Now you be able to run and debug tests by clicking on "Run" or "Debug" buttons on the top of IDE

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