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C# Question

How to get the computer name using the IP Address

I am trying to get the computer name for the current user. I am able to get the IP address using

but when I replace the *ComputerName*with the IPAddress I receive the following error.

No such host is known

I enabled reverse DNS in IIS7 by running command:
Cscript.exe adsutil.vbs set w3svc/EnableReverseDNS TRUE
in the C:\inetpub\AdminScripts directory on my server.

Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?


The overall purpose is that this will be a help desk application and it will be useful for a user to be able to easily provide their computer name for assistance.

Locally everything works but it does not work once published to the server.

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Thanks to all that answered this post.

Actually, the code was not the problem. There was nothing wrong with the code that I was trying or the suggestions made. I found out that the server DNS entry was not set up correctly.

Maybe this will help someone else.

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