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VBA: Error 3265 - "Item not found in this collection"


Access 2016
I'm trying to open a
and save data from it in other variables, but I keep getting this error.
The program itself has more parts, but I only get error in this one, it just update data on its

This is my code:

Option Compare Database
Option Explicit

Private Sub btnValidateTimesheet_Click()

' Update timesheet to "Justificat"

Dim intIdTimesheet As Integer

If IsNull(cmbDraftTimesheets.Value) Then
MsgBox("You have to select a timesheet that is Borrador")
Exit Sub
End If

intIdTimesheet = cmbDraftTimesheets.Column(0)

DoCmd.SetWarnings False
DoCmd.RunSQL "update Timesheets set estat = ""Justificat"" where id=" & intIdTimesheet
DoCmd.SetWarnings True

End Sub

Private Sub btnValidateTimesheetLines_Click()

' We select the timesheet_lines for employee, project, activity and dates selected
' For each justification, a new "Justificat" Timesheet is generated which hang timesheet_lines

' ------------------------------- Variables -------------------------------
Dim dictTsLines As Object
Set dictTsLines = CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")

' Form inputs
Dim intCodTreb As Integer
Dim strCodProj As String
Dim dateInici, dateFi As Date
Dim intExercici As Integer

' Query strings
Dim strSQLFrom, strSQLWhere As String
Dim strSQLCount, strSQLJustAct, strSQLTsLines As String

' Recordsets
Dim rsCount, rsJustAct, rsTimesheets, rsTsLines As Recordset

' Aux and others...
Dim continue As Integer
Dim intIdJustificacio, intIdTs As Integer
Dim strActivitat As String

' --------------------------------------- Main ---------------------------------------------
' Taking form data
intCodTreb = cmbTreballador.Column(0)
strCodProj = cmbProjecte.Column(1)
dateInici = txtDataInici.Value
dateFi = txtDataFi.Value

' We check the dates are correct
If IsNull(dateInici) Or IsNull(dateFi) Then
MsgBox("Dates can't be null")
Exit Sub
End If

If dateFi < dateInici Then
MsgBox("Start date must be earlier or the same as final date")
Exit Sub
End If

If year(dateInici) <> year(dateFi) Then
MsgBox("Dates must be in the same year")
Exit Sub
End If

intExercici = year(dateInici)

' Make of the clause FROM and WHERE of the select query of timesheet_lines
strSQLFrom = " from (timesheet_lines tsl " & _
" left join timesheets ts on tsl.timesheet_id = " & _
" left join justificacions j on = ts.id_justificacio "

strSQLWhere = " where ts.estat = ""Borrador"" " & _
" and >= #" & Format(dateInici, "yyyy/mm/dd") & "# " & _
" and <= #" & Format(dateFi, "yyyy/mm/dd") & "# "

If Not IsNull(intCodTreb) Then
strSQLWhere = strSQLWhere & " and tsl.cod_treb = " & intCodTreb
End If

If Not IsNull(strCodProj) Then
strSQLWhere = strSQLWhere & " and j.cod_proj=""" & strCodProj & """ "
End If

' Alert how much timesheet_lines are going to be validated
strSQLCount = "select count(*) " & strSQLFrom & strSQLWhere
Set rsCount = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(strSQLCount)
Continue Do = MsgBox( rsCount(0) & " registries are going to be validated" & vbNewLine & _
"Do you want to continue?", vbOKCancel)

If continue <> 1 Then
Exit Sub
End If

' We select the tuples Justificacio, Activitat of timesheet_lines selected
strSQLJustAct = "select distinct ts.id_justificacio " & strSQLFrom & strSQLWhere
Set rsJustAct = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(strSQLJustAct)
Set rsTimesheets = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Timesheets")

' A new timesheet is generated for each tupla
Do While Not rsJustAct.EOF
intIdJustificacio = rsJustAct(0)
strActivitat = rsJustAct(1)

rsTimesheets!data_generacio = Now()
rsTimesheets!estat = "Justificat"
rsTimesheets!Id_justificacio = intIdJustificacio
rsTimesheets!activitat = strActivitat
rsTimesheets!data_inici = dateInici
rsTimesheets!data_fi = dateFi
rsTimesheets!exercici = intExercici
intIdTs = rsTimesheets!Id

' We save the related id of the selected timesheet in a dictionary
dictTsLines.Add intIdJustificacio & "_" & strActivitat, intIdTs


' We select all the affected timesheet_lines and we update the related timesheet using the dictionary
strSQLTsLines = "select, tsl.timesheet_id, ts.id_justificacio, ts.activitat " & strSQLFrom & strSQLWhere
Set rsTsLines = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset(strSQLTsLines)
With rsTsLines
Do While Not .EOF
intIdJustificacio = !Id_justificacio
strActivitat = !activitat
!timesheet_id = dictTsLines.Item(intIdJustificacio & "_" & strActivitat)
End With

Set rsCount = Nothing
Set rsJustAct = Nothing
Set rsTimesheets = Nothing
Set rsTsLines = Nothing

End Sub

Debugger: The error is coming up at the line:

strActivitat = rsJustAct(1)

I checked that the data the
is saving exists and it does.

Answer Source

Your recordset contains just one column ("select distinct ts.id_justificacio"), but you are trying to read second column strActivitat = rsJustAct(1)

Add requred column to recordset.

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