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PHP Question

i want to match exactly contact-us page but not working

i want to match

page exactly present in the

the combination could be..

contact.* i,e(extension could be .html or .php or .aspx)
contact-us.* i,e(extension could be .html or .php or .aspx)
contact.* i,e(extension could be .html or .php or .aspx)
contactUs.* i,e(extension could be .html or .php or .aspx)

without extension

contact i,e(no extension)
contact-us i,e(no extension)
contact i,e(no extension)
contactUs i,e(no extension)

right now i'm using this code which matches everything

$page = "";
echo "Matched";
echo "No Match";

here is a demo :

i'm ready to accept solution with totally different code

please help me thanks in advance!!

Answer Source

You may use


See the regex demo

It matches:

  • /contact - a substring /contact
  • (?:-us|Us)? - an optional substring -us or Us
  • (?:\.(?:aspx|php|html))? - an optional sequence of a . + any of the alternatives substrings ()
  • /? - an optional /
  • $ - end of string.

Note that (?-i:...) is a modifier group where the alternatives are matched in a case insensitive way (the general /i modifier at the end does not affect this group).

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