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What Qt widgets should be used for sprite animation viewer

I'm looking to make a sprite animation editor. I have the loading of my custom animation file done but now need to get the actual ui started. I'm really just stuck on what widgets I would use to actually play my animation. I need to be able to go to certain frame, play, pause, loop, etc. Once I'm done with the viewing portion I plan on adding in the editing.

I've seen AnimatedSprite in qt docs but that seems to only allow playback of sprites in the same file. In my situation sprites can be from multiple image files and sometimes doesn't follow a grid like sprite cutter.

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First of all, you should decide whether you want to use QML or Widgets. AnimatedSprite is QML related class. All widget-related classes starts with "Q" letter.

If you decide to use Qt Widgets, I would recommend to take a look at Qt Animation Framework in combination with Qt Graphics View Framework. Most likely it will not let you do everything you want out of box, but it should provide you with a rich set of useful tools.

If you need here are some examples.

Hope it helps.

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