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JSON Question

Write POST received data into json file in json format

Trying to add data that was received with POST request into json file in this format :

[ {
"id": 1,
"data": "hello",
"data1": "hi",
"data2": "hey",
} ]

but right now it writes like this :


I've read that i have to parse the data first, here is the code :

if (request.method == 'POST' && request.url == "/page") {
var body = "";
request.on('data', function (data) {
body += data;
request.on('end', function (req, res) {

POST = qs.parse(body);

var operation = POST.insert;

if (operation == 'insert') {
fs.readFile("file.json", "utf8", function (err, data){
var updateData = {
data1: POST.data1,
data2: POST.data2

var newData = qs.stringify(updateData);
fs.writeFile('file.json', newData, "utf8");

How to convert it into json format ?


The point of qs.stringify is to take an object and turn it into a query string.

If you want JSON and not a query string, then don't use that function!

You can convert an object into JSON with JSON.stringify.