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Javascript Question

React JSX file giving error "Cannot read property 'createElement' of undefined"

I have a file test_stuff.js that I am running with

npm test

It pretty much looks like this:

import { assert } from 'assert';
import { MyProvider } from '../src/index';
import { React } from 'react';

const myProvider = (

describe('Array', function() {
describe('#indexOf()', function() {
it('should return -1 when the value is not present', function() {
assert.equal(-1, [1,2,3].indexOf(4));

Unfortunately, I get the error

var myProvider = _react.React.createElement(_index.MyProvider, null);

TypeError: Cannot read property 'createElement' of undefined
at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/me/projects/myproj/test/test_stuff.js:7:7)

What does that mean? I am importing React from 'react' successfully, so why would React be undefined? It is _react.React, whatever that means...

Answer Source

To import React do import React from 'react' You add brackets when the thing you are importing in not the default export in that module or file. In case of react, it's the default export.

This might apply to your other imports depending on how you defined them.

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