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Scala Question

Scala return types with foreach and map

I'm new to Scala, and I'm getting confused on how functions stitch together and their return types. Consider the following:

val nodes = List(0,1,2)
val links = List(List(1, 2), List(1, 0), List(1,3))

Each node has a bi-directional link, as described in the tuple-pair 'links'. I am attempting to building a map where each node points to it's neighbours, for example

Map(0 -> List(1), 1 -> List(2, 0), 2 -> List(1) )

However, my initial thinking on how to code this has me stumped on why it's returning an empty 'List[Any]' value.

nodes.foreach(z => ( { case List(a,b) => if(a == z) a else if (b == z) b }))

What is the right way to do this?

Answer Source


scala> => (n, links.flatMap {
     | case List(`n`, x) => Some(x)
     | case List(x, `n`) => Some(x)
     | case _ => None }))
res3: List[(Int, List[Int])] = List((0,List(1)), (1,List(2, 0, 3)), (2,List(1)))
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