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HTML Question

HTML Image not displaying, while the src url works

<img class="sealImage" alt="Image of Seal" src="file:///C:/Users/Anna/Pictures/Nikon%20Transfer/SEALS%20PROJECT/j3evn.jpg">

That doesn't display an image, just the alt.
But if I go to


in a browser, the image displays.

I'm hosting this on xampp, on a windows machine right now.

I've tried different browsers, and with and without %20 for space, but I know that with is the correct way.(It worked with both, actually)

And I know the images will only be visible on the machine that's hosting it, that's not a problem.

Answer Source

Your file needs to be located inside your www directory. For example, if you're using wamp server on Windows, j3evn.jpg should be located,


and you can access it in html via

<img class="sealImage" alt="Image of Seal" src="../img/j3evn.jpg">

Look for the www, public_html, or html folder belonging to your web server. Place all your files and resources inside that folder.

Hope this helps!

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