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Node.js Question

libjass on Google Drive Host, is it possible?

I would like to use libjass with video-js on Google Drive Host.

But Google Drive Host allows only HTML and JS files, I can’t install Node on Google Drive. So how can I use libjass on Google Drive?

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If you follow, you’ll get to the „I want to use libjass for my website. What do I need to do?“ part.

  1. You need to build libjass.js using the instructions in
  2. You need to load libjass.js and libjass.css on the page with your video.
  3. You need to call the libjass API.

Only libjass.js and libjass.css are needed to use libjass on your website. The other files are only used during the build process and you don't need to deploy them to your website.

Then reading

  1. Install node.js from or via your package manager
  2. Change to the directory where you cloned this repository.
  3. Run the following command

    npm install

    This will install the dependencies - Gulp, Mocha, TypeScript, UglifyJS2 and Vinyl. It will then run gulp to build libjass.js and minify it into libjass.min.js

So just build it locally on your computer and upload just the already built .js files to your Google Drive.

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