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Color "areas of interest" on Google Maps API?

Google has just changed the maps colors scheme and it has messed up the custom colors on a site I'm working on. This is the news from their blog:

Discover the action around you with the updated Google Maps

Now, not much technical info there. Has anyone already found out where to change that light brown/orange-ish color for "areas of interest"?

From testing here (and this link is on their dev site), the only thing that does anything to it is

, and the more specific you can go is with
Feature type: all Element type: geometry.fill

Answer Source

I made a leap of faith and set modifiers for "featureType":"areaOfInterest" and surprisingly it worked!! You can use areaOfInterest as the feature type to target styles for it as you would any other feature type.

I set this style and got the following result:

    {"saturation" : -100},
    {"lightness"  : 25},
    {"visibility" : "simplified"}

Keep in mind that this style is for the gmaps4rails gem plugin and the syntax may differ for your application.

Before: enter image description here

After: enter image description here

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