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String problems with Turbo C++

I need to get code work in Turbo C++. But the data type

does not work;
using namespace
gives Compiler Error and I can't use
without it. Even
does not work.

It works perfectly fine in Code::Blocks but I want it to work in Turbo C++. I know Turbo is a very old compiler and I should be using the new ones. But it is a college project which has to be done in Turbo C++. Are there any ways to make it work in Turbo C++?

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Ok After a Lot of Hassle i Found They Way
Unforutantely You Cant use string and other such data Types As They were Not Even Implenented At That time
The thing You need To Do i What used to Done Before That time
Was to Use char array instead of string and litteraly create functions related to that,

Now char array has a lot of limitations and Probelms thats the Reason String was implented. but You have to Write char array functons the Same Way string was Written From Scratch

If you want to compare 2 char arrays you have to loop and compare them And two copy them you have to loop and compare them it will be litte complicated But Thats the Best way Worked for me

I Can give sample code for Certain Task if needed

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