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How to create a view that is bigger than the screen?

Is it possible to create a view that is bigger than the screen?

I need a view that has a bigger width then the screen of the device. I use this view in a rotation animation. During the rotation the parts that were not on the screen before animating the view will become visible.

Is there a way to achieve this effect with the android framework?


I tried to set my parent layout much bigger then the screen and it is working. This will make somethings a little bit uncomfortable but it could work. The next problem now is that my layout still starts at the left side of the screen. I can't think of a method to make the layout to expand itself to the left and the right of the screen.

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Ok I got an answer. It is not very nice because it uses a deprecated View class but it works at least on my current testing screen resolution other resolutions are tested tomorrow.

I wrapped the view that I wanted to expand beyond the screen in an absolute layout like this:


     android:src="@color/testcolor" />


The -200 x coordinate makes the view stick 200dip out of the left side of the screen. If I'm animating the view those parts that are outside the screen will gradually become visible.