Nguyen Ngoc Hoang Nguyen Ngoc Hoang - 1 year ago 65
ASP.NET (C#) Question

Visual Studio 2012 does not show folder has created

I use Microsoft Vusial Strudio 2012, the first opent my project, i have created some folder as Pages, Views, Sources. But, the second i open the project, Visual studio doesn't show those folders. I cannot view them, i make new folder with the same name above, IDE render message that the folder already exist.

Can you help me! Thank you very much!

(ps. I want to post picture for this, but i am not enough reputation,i'm sorry)

Answer Source

The Visual Studio project does not parallel you filesystem. If you create a directory or add a file into a directory through Windows Explorer, it will not show up in Visual Studio. You must either create the file or folder inside Visual Studio or use the Add... dialog for the project to add existing files.

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