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PHPUnit Segmentation fault

When a PHPUnit test fails normally on my dev box (Linux Mint), it causes a "Segmentation Fault" on my Continous Integration box (Centos). Both machines are running the same version of PHPUnit. My dev box is running PHP 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.9, and the CI is PHP 5.2.17. I'd rather leave upgrading the PHP as a last resort though.

As per this thread: PHPUnit gets segmentation fault
I have tried deactivating / reinstalling Xdebug. I don't have installed.

On the CI box I currently only have two extensions active: dom from php-xml (required for phpunit) and memcache (required by my framework), all the others have been turned off.

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Next to what cweiske suggested, if upgrading PHP is not an option for you and you have problems to locate the source of the segfault, you can use a debugger to find out more.

You can launch gdb this way to debug a PHPUnit session:

gdb --args php /usr/bin/phpunit quiz_service_Test.php

Then type in r to run the program and/or set environment variables first.

set env MALLOC_CHECK_=3

You might also consider to install the debugging symbols for PHP on the system to get better results for debugging. gdb checks this on startup for you and leaves a notice how you can do so.

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